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UpdateFilms is a bespoke video editing service. From editing footage for your business website to making special gifts and keepsakes of special memories, weddings and home videos. Motion graphics editing available too. Professional video editing service. 

UpdateVHS transfers all your old videos to DVD or Blu-ray. We accept VHS, Betamax and a full range of camcorder formats including VHS-C, Hi8, Video8 and MiniDV. Each transfer comes complete with fully personalised case and disc. 



UpdatePhoto takes your old slides, negatives and photographs and updates them to the digital age. They can also be transferred to a beautiful slideshow so that your precious memories come back to life. This service is also available on Blu-ray on full 1080HD. 



Bingham Digital


The same services as above but localised for the local area of Bingham, Nottingham